We know that finding a reliable lawyer of in another country is a complicated task that requires a great investment of time. Only small and medium law firms are fully aware of their local market, and are able to adapt to the needs that require foreign companies. The network allows a quick solution to a legal problem in another country through the law firm of its place of residence.



Contact: Juan Manuel Moratal. Socio Director

Torre 2 del Paseo – Piso 15

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Description of the Law Firm:

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese.

M & B Law Firm is a firm of lawyers, notaries and accountants, focusing on the commercial legal environment. In this context, it has devoted itself to give its services inside a wide range of disciplines of law and business, within which we can mention basically the civil and commercial law, with different specialities that this one contemplates, as being: the corporate law, the financial law, banking law, the corporative law and tax law, between others.

Due to its contemporary genesis, it has been formed by the most solid bases of the corporative law, advocating from his integral approach to the business service, to the various issues raised from the commercial daily development in the business environment, such as creating and advising companies or resolving potential conflicts and litigations derived from the commercial operations.

On the other hand, is important to note that the members of this firm have been trained and still do, according to the demands of our days. As such, today we can proudly affirm that we have highly trained professionals to provide a comprehensive advice to our customers in the legal, notarial, accounting, financial and administrative areas, combining vision, innovation and knowledge for the purpose

Carried out in various fields such as: the merger, structuring and acquisition of both, public and private, companies, project finance, corporate reorganization, the establishment of foreign investment, legal issues related to the creation and maintenance of companies, consortiums, foundations or associations, telecommunication law, consultancy for public procurement and intellectual property, to name a few.

Thanks to our working culture, we stamp on all the negotiations a dynamism, speed and professionalism that they have made us stand out in our branch.

In the firm, the area of the foreign investment occupies a crucial chapter, with the incorporation of the foreign capital, including the study and creation of laws in this plane. On the same level, we give advices to the clients interested in establishing themselves in the country, with investment projects, analysis and process of new companies’ formation, to the effects of developing entrepreneurships with potential local partners or without them, in conformity with the regulative in force requirements and taking in consideration all the aspects related to the same ones, as being the previous studies of feasibility, the contacts with the Paraguayan government for the implementation of the tributary incentives offered by our juridical local frame.

So mentioned is that M & B Law Firm has managed in a short time, based on the effort, dedication and training of its members, position within the national and international legal map, and may attach to its customer base leading companies in their respective items.

Practice Areas:

Judicial Services

- Civil and Commercial Law

- Banking and Financial Law

- Corporate and labor advice

- Corporate law

- Privatization of enterprises

- Joint Ventures

- Mining and Infrastructure

- Fusions and acquisitions

- Asset Management

- Financial institutions

- Capital markets

- Information Technology and Telecommunications

- Foreign investments and concessions

- National and international tenders

- Tax law

- Intellectual property

- Litigation

Notary Services

- Company Incorporation in general

- Transfers of real or personal property

- Articles of Incorporation and Participation

- Public contracts

- Document Authentication

- Certification Signatures

- Declared jurisdictions

- Proceedings before the Directorate General of Public Records

- Powers processing in general, among numerous other documents protocol and extra protocol framed in the notarial field.

Financial Services

- Consulting and accounting services, tax, financial, administrative and operationa

- Corporate tax consulting

- External Audit and Management Control, complying with the recommendations promptly and development achieved by the current auditing standards in Paraguay, NIF, issued by the Council of Chartered Accountants of Paraguay.

- Tax and municipal administrations.

Billing Services

- Implementation of strategies of differentiated charges.

- Collection management using all channels; call center, SMS, voice messages, letters, emails, personal visits.

- Permanent monitoring of management.