We know that finding a reliable lawyer of in another country is a complicated task that requires a great investment of time. Only small and medium law firms are fully aware of their local market, and are able to adapt to the needs that require foreign companies. The network allows a quick solution to a legal problem in another country through the law firm of its place of residence.


Adriaanse van der Weel Advocaten.

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Adriaanse van der Weel Advocaten.

Description of the Law Firm:

Languages: Dutch, German, English, French, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese..

Offering the combined expertise of over 30 qualified lawyers, Adriaanse van der Weel Advocaten is among the TOP 50 law firms in the Netherlands. Our offices are conveniently located between the main ports of Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium). Founded in 1904, the law firm of Adriaanse van der Weel has been offering specialised legal advice for more than a century, acting as an attorney to both national and international clients and their businesses, located around the mouth of the River Scheldt and far beyond. Typical clients are mid size and large businesses, construction firms, transport companies, the fishing industry, maritime companies, municipalities, health care institutions, insurers and private persons.

To us, being able to provide a wide range of specialisms is crucial, as is our traditional emphasis on personal involvement with our client’s business. We value long term relationships and a direct communication with our clients.

The lawyers of Adriaanse van der Weel are well connected and well equipped to advise and represent Dutch companies, as well as international companies who have decided to become active in the Netherlands. Our specialisms include mergers and acquisitions, contract law (including cross border IP and technology licensing), company and commercial law in general, employment law, as well as real estate, urban planning and environmental law. Our lawyers are accustomed to working in teams, ensuring maximum service to our clients.

For more than a century, our maritime practice has been among the core activities of our firm. We have built up a vast experience in shipping, transport and insurance law, representing many local, national and international enterprises engaged in these areas. We represent ship owners, towing companies, fisheries, ports and terminals, stevedore companies, shipbrokers, insurers and maritime insurance underwriters, P&I clubs, and enterprises conducting business with the maritime industry (shippers, cargo owners, pilots etc.)

Our maritime practice concentrates on shipping activities on the waterway of the River Scheldt, the entrance to the harbours of Vlissingen (Flushing), Terneuzen, Gent (Ghent) and Antwerpen (Antwerp). Being located on either side of the River Scheldt and having built up specific know how with respect to this lively waterway, we are well equipped to act fast and effectively, for instance in matters of provisional attachment of vessels.

Practice Areas:

Company law

Corporate finance and banking law

Commercial law

Maritime law

Energy law

Telecommunications and new technologies

Labour and employment

Real Estate

Legal advice on investments


Intellectual Property

Commercial litigation and arbitration

Environmental law