We know that finding a reliable lawyer of in another country is a complicated task that requires a great investment of time. Only small and medium law firms are fully aware of their local market, and are able to adapt to the needs that require foreign companies. The network allows a quick solution to a legal problem in another country through the law firm of its place of residence.


Harpaz, Oren & Co Advocates

Contact: Eyal Oren

Rogovin Tidhar Tower (30th floor)
11 Menahem Bedgin Rd.
Ramat Gan, 5268104.

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Harpaz, Oren & Co Advocates

Description of the Law Firm:

Languages: Hebrew, Spanish and English.

Harpaz, Oren & Co. provides a high standard of professional legal services in the commercial field, to both corporate and private clients from Israel and abroad.

The Law firm was founded in 2002, enjoys a vast network of international contacts. The firm provides the highest standard of professional legal services, addressing complicated challenges in the modern business environment.

We use our knowledge and experience, as well as established international connections, to find innovative and efficient solutions to meet our clients? requirements. We offer our clients high-quality legal services, based on a long term relationship and understanding of their business and working environment, characterized by diligent service and personal direct contact.

As part of the uncompromising professionalism and as a means of maintaining direct contact with clients, each and every client is assigned to and taken care of by an experienced partner knowledgeable in the relevant field.

The combination of personal care for the clients, professionalism, business related acumen and years of experience in commercial practice, gives us the ability to provide our clients with the services we believe they deserve.

The firm is involved in diverse fields of commercial and civil law including High-Technology, Bio-Technology, Low-Tech Industry, International Trade, Intellectual Property, Building and Development, Infrastructures and Real-Estate and Employment Law. The firm provides on-going consulting and corporate services together with representation in all kinds of transactions including financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, commercialization of IP (licensing, transfer, etc.), distribution, real-estate development, local and international joint-ventures.

The litigation department provides our customers with legal representation in all fields of commercial litigation including Corporate Law, Commercial Disputes, Banking Law, Capital Market Law, Administrative Law, Communication Law, Employment Law, Infrastructures and Development, Insolvency and Liquidation Law, Real-Estate, Class Actions, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer. We represent our clients before all types of Israeli legal tribunals including the three Israeli instances of the Civil Courts (including the Supreme Court in Jerusalem), Administrative Courts, Labor Courts, Arbitrators Proceedings, and Mediators.

Practice Areas:

- Corporate Law.

- Contract Law.

- Commercial Disputes.

- Banking Law.

- Capital Market Law.

- Administrative Law.

- Communication Law.

- Employment Law.

- Infrastructures and Development.

- Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Liquidation Law.

- Real-Estate and Construction law.

- Class Actions.

- Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

- Commercial Litigation and Arbitration.