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Gülpen & Garay

Contact: Catalina Garay y Chamizo, socia fundadora

Gülpen & Garay, Berlin
Hohenzollerndamm 123
14199 Berlin
Deutschland - Alemania

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Gülpen & Garay

Description of the Law Firm:

Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian.

Gülpen & Garay (G&G), founded in 2000, is the first German-Spanish law firm established in Berlin, consisting of both Rechtsanwälte, Fachanwälte and spanish lawyers, offering legal advice for the daily life, with special emphasis on business scope and traffic law. Settled down in both Potsdam and berlin (Germany) and Bilbao (Spain), this firm advises and defends its clients cross-border in Germany and Spain.

Specialized among other areas, in mercantile law, the firm offers consultation of high legal-economic quality for the foundation and assistance of companies, including financial transactions and development of strategies for the disposal of companies. For this, it consists of lawyers specialized in commercial law and in particular, of the lawyer/Rechtsanwältin Catalina Garay y Chamizo, who is president of the Association of German Lawyers in Spain (Deutscher Anwaltverein Spanien) since 2010. This association, founded in 1871 and therefore prior to the establishment of the Bar Associations in Germany, allows the lawyer/Rechtsanwältin Catalina Garay y Chamizo to be in contact with members of the Association of German Lawyers from all over Europe, highlighting her capacity for cooperation cross-border.

In addition, with regard to the field of traffic law, G&G has extensive experience in the field, being the Rechtsanwalt Marcus Gülpen Fachanwalt in traffic law and Syndikusanwalt (in-house lawyer) of the ADAC, able to advise both insurance and to private persons involved in traffic accidents and their incidental consequences.

The legal knowledge of the lawyers of G&G also extends to consulting companies in other fields, such as telecommunications, infrastructures, real estate, digital or artistic entities, like Telefónica, Bahnbau Grupp, Tinsa, PSJM, Webtrekk, HypZert, NSW, VDO and DGT, among others, whose names are mentioned with their explicit authorization.

Furthermore, by having lawyers specialized to European cross-border issues, G&G offers solid legal advice to different transnational organizations. On the one hand advising state institutions as embassies of different countries settled down in Berlin, certainly counting on the Embassy of Spain in Germany among others. On the other hand consulting organizations such as Consejo General de la Abogacía Española (General Council of Spanish Law), el Instituto Español de Comercio Exterior (Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade), el Instituto Cervantes y la Cámara Oficial Española de Comercio en Alemania (Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Germany), just to name a few, with its advance authorization. G&G advises them both in the legal field and in matters of development and cooperation.

However, this law firm is not limited to advising large companies or organizations, but in turn solidly advises private persons. In G&G you can consult expert lawyers for Family Law, Inheritance Law, Mercantile Law and Employment Law. Our attorneys help clients protect their rights in financial, testamentary or deplanification of heritage issues, showing special interest and dedication in each case, to avoid lawsuits and thereby offer them the best result.

In 2018 G&G will open a notary office run by Mr. Rechtsanwalt Olaf Herzog.

Practice Areas:

- Spanish law

- Employment law (with specialist lawyer for Employment Law)

- And with extensive experience in:

- Dismissal and Dismissal Protection

- Part-time and Limitation

- Settlement

- Employment Contracts as well as Dissolution Agreements

- Property Law

- Property Purchase and Sale Support

- Mortgages and Land Charges

- Liability for Defects

- Property Transfer

- Drafting of Company Purchase and Sale Contracts

- Support in founding businesses such as GmbH, OHG, AG, KG, Ltd. and S.L.

- Representation for Business Negotiations

- Enterprise succession

- Corporate Law/M&A

- Transport and Traffic Law (with specialist lawyer for Traffic Law)

- Administrative fines and court orders

- Driver’s licence cancellation and medical-psychological assessment (MPU)

- Enforcements of accident damages

- Insurance Law

- Law of Succession and Family Law (with specialist lawyer for Family Law)

- Divorce and Separation