We know that finding a reliable lawyer of in another country is a complicated task that requires a great investment of time. Only small and medium law firms are fully aware of their local market, and are able to adapt to the needs that require foreign companies. The network allows a quick solution to a legal problem in another country through the law firm of its place of residence.


Nombre de la Firma: Ret&Råd Advokater Glostrup Ballerup Greve ApS

Contact: Carme Pérez Cot: Abogada española y Advokat (abogada danesa)

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Nombre de la Firma: Ret&Råd Advokater Glostrup Ballerup Greve ApS

Description of the Law Firm:

Languages:Danish, Swedish, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Tamil

Ret&Råd Advokater Glostrup Ballerup Greve ApS (Ret&Råd GBG) forms part of a chain of law firms, Ret&Råd Advokater, with more than 25 years of history an representation in all Denmark.

Ret&Råd GBG’s office has a team of lawyers with different backgrounds and specialties, from corporate law to civil law, including a lawyer with double Bar authorization to practice law in Denmark and Spain, and it assists both national and international clients.

Based on its international experience, Ret&Råd GBG has launched the chain’s international side, R&R International, aiming to provide corporate and civil clients with general knowledge and answers to the most common asked questions regarding establishment and operation in Denmark:

Practice Areas:

- Corporate and commercial law

- International commercial law and contracts

- Employment law

- Personal Data Protection (GDPR)

- Marketing/media law

- Intellectual Property Rights

- E- commerce

- Civil law

- Inheritance law

- Real estate law

- Family law

- Criminal law

- Litigation, mediation and other alternative resolution methods (ADR).