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Nieto Abogados

Contact: Luis Eduardo Nieto

Calle 72 No. 5-83, Piso 2

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Nieto Abogados

Description of the Law Firm:

Languages: Spanish and English.

Nieto & Chalela Abogados is a Law Firm from Colombia, located in its capital city, Bogotá. It´s organized and structured for providing legal services in the whole country, oriented at national and international clients, and related to any case in Business and Corporative Law, Contract, Financial and Stock Exchange, Public Services, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Law and Litigation.

Our main purpose is to offer legal advice towards to fulfill our clients´ interests with quality, creativity and legal soundness.

Our professional practice is focused for making real our clients expectations through secure, lively and effective legal schemas.

Our Law Firm has intervened in important operations, especially in sphere of international finance. We are legal advisor of Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.A. ESP for financial structuring, advising, tracking during selection process, especial telecom, technologies and computing projects. It´s notable our activity in drafting and negotiation and execution of Strengthening Project which was crucial for selecting Telefónica International as strategic partner (bargain valued in circa 3,5 billion dollars).

We also are GMP Securities lawyers, having intervened, amongst others in an operation in his capacity as underwriters for the purpose of issuance in international markets of USD $ 115,000,000 in covered bonds.

Also we provide legal advice to corporations like Empresa Colombiana de Gas / Ecogás, Transtel S.A., PETROCOLOMBIA S.A., Cablevisión EU o la Comisión Nacional de Televisión / CNTV.

Practice Areas:

- Corporate Law.

- Commercial Law.

- Capital Market Law.

- Banking and finance law.

- Mergers and Acquisitions.

- Infrastructures and Development.

- Administrative Law.

- Procedural law.

- National and international arbitrations Proceedings.