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Pratesi & Asoc., Estudio Jurídico y Notarial

Contact: Juan Carlos Pratesi / Miguel Ángel Díaz

Avenida Córdoba, 1345, piso 11º
C1055AAD Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

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Pratesi & Asoc., Estudio Jurídico y Notarial

Description of the Law Firm:

Languages: Spanish, English and Italian.

Established since 1958, nearly half a century ago, Pratesi & Asoc. is a modern and dinamic law firm that focusses its work to personalized excellent services.

We act mainly in the area of corporative law ( companies and societies) , institutional ( civil and religious entities, foundations and other institutions) , personal and familiar, in their several and different judicial and extra judicial needs . Our clients are particularly businessmen and medium and small companies (PYME).

We intend to give our clients preventive legal advise, especially in the corporation fields . Our goal is to help them to find the best way to enlarge their business and minimize the risks, applying efficient strategies and avoiding conflicts. However, if necessary we help them to arrive to negociated solutions or to quick and fair juditial pronouncements at the lowest possible costs.

Our work method is the permanent and personalized attention of our clients needs, on the basis of the improvement of the academic and technical knowdlege, organicing specific items in terms of multi disciplinary action shared with consultants and other very well known law firms, also spreading our action to the rest of Argentina and other countries, organicing and coordinating our own work with the one of correspondents in the most important cities of the country and the region.

We take active part in the advisement, organization and management of real estate and modern urbanization projects, including notary and land owning registry respects.- Important developpers, building companies and individual and/or corporate investors are among our major clients, as well as newly urbanized centres (as country clubes and private developments).

Unavailingly we act before courts, arbitration and/or negotiation forus, with claims and defenses according to the cases.

The chairman of our office is Juan Carlos Pratesi, long experienced lawyer and law teacher at the Law Schools of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentine Catholic University and Univ. del Salvador.- He also has served during the last twenty years several terms as General Secretary of the local Official Bar Association (CPACF) and as President of its Ethics Commitee.

Practice Areas:

- Corporative and business law.

- Business organization.

- Negotiation, contracts and agreements, both national and international.

- Corporation work and labour law.

- Constitutional, administrative and taxation law.

- Notarial and registral regulations both general and on land property registry.

- Real estate developpments and urbanization.

- Civil law, familiy and inheritance questions; damages.

- Controversial conflicts.

- Advising and counselling.

- Mediation, Alternative Conflict Resolutions and Arbitration.

- Claims and defenses before courts.