King Stubb & Kasiva: Pioneers in Space Law, Instrumental in Chandrayaan’s Success

Our indian collegues King Stubb & Kasiva, a renowned law firm, etched its name as the legal architects behind the Chandrayaan project, India's monumental endeavor to achieve a soft landing on the moon's enigmatic south pole. With their counsel in commercial contracts, insurance, space law, telecom laws, procurement, and liability issues, King Stubb & Kasiva played a pivotal role in ensuring the project's triumph.

The firm's advisory role commenced with a meticulous examination of commercial contracts. Crafting agreements that addressed the intricacies of space exploration was no small feat. From procurement contracts with third-party vendors to collaborative agreements with international space agencies, their expertise ensured a seamless synergy of efforts.

King Stubb & Kasiva worked tirelessly to secure robust insurance policies that safeguarded the Chandrayaan project against unforeseen contingencies.

Navigating the labyrinthine corridors of telecom laws was yet another challenge. Establishing communication links with a lunar module demanded a nuanced understanding of both terrestrial and extraterrestrial communication protocols. King Stubb & Kasiva demonstrated their mastery in this intricate field, ensuring that the lines of communication remained open and unimpeded throughout the mission.

King Stubb & Kasiva's lawyers worked side by side with scientists and engineers, ensuring that legal considerations were seamlessly integrated into the project's fabric.

In the aftermath of Chandrayaan's success, King Stubb & Kasiva's contribution was lauded worldwide. Their pioneering work in commercial contracts, insurance, space law, telecom laws, procurement, and liability issues set a new standard for legal practice in the aerospace industry.

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