A new project to extend

our international network

The essential mission of our network is providing a quality service in the international operations of our clients. And there are no limits for this.

Wherever a client needs legal assistance for their business venture, we will be there to help them.

And if in the place where the client needs our services we do not have a Law Firm that speaks Spanish or Portuguese, we will select a Firm that speaks English or French.

It is this idea of providing advice without limitation of place or country, which has encouraged us to create a complementary network that we have named "Best Friends of Iurisgal".

All the firms that will be part of this Network in the future must achieve the highest standards that we require of Iurisgal members because, even if the communication is in a different language, the quality of the service will remain the same. The unique difference is that they will not have a lawyer who speaks Spanish or Portuguese.